Real Estate Brokerage

We  engage in marketing undeveloped and developed landed properties by seeking purchase, sale and letting of such properties as duplexes, detached houses, blocks of flats, offices, shops, warehouses and other investment properties.

 We also advise our numerous clients on the impact of real estate laws and the dynamics of the economy upon particular enterprises as well as its implication on contemplated projects.

Property Acquisition & Development

This  involves the use of our professional knowledge in selecting, acquiring, developing or re-developing sites especially in the urban centres for an acceptable level of profit in the industry.

Property Management

This encompasses the general administration of various interests held in landed properties on behalf of the owner with a view to maintaining good tone and property values throughout the period of ownership, and avoiding premature obsolescence of properties through property utilization, rehabilitation and management studies


The general administration of these proprietary interests includes:

1. Collection of rents and others charges and prompt remittal/ payment to clients and other relevant authorities include the submission of periodic statement of income and expenditures.

2. Keeping of property records and ensuring that notices of lease renewal of  all lease and tenancies are properly documented and all necessary consents obtained;


3. Ensuring adequate insurance policy cover on properties and prompt     payment of insurance premium;


4. Regular inspection of properties to ensure that tenants comply with their repair maintenance covenants;


5. Organizing suitable maintenance, security and improvement schemes for properties and their services and periodic preparation of schedule of dilapidation for necessary remedies action;


6. Regular reviews of the potentials of properties;


7. Advising on property rates and negotiation of same with Rating Authorities for prompt payment;


8. Ensuring the surrender of the leases and tenancies are smoothly done with the tenants discharging their obligation on under the Agreement.

Facility Management

This is the administration of office blocks, high rise  multi-tenanted residential buildings, schools, sporting complexes, convention centres, hospitals, hotels, etc in other to reduce pressure, give comfort and add value to the core business of clients’ organization be they public or private.

Facilities Management covers: Health and Safety, Fire safety, Security, Cleaning, Space management among others.


Facilities Management Approach:

As part of our effort in ensuring good service delivery, we adopt of the following approaches in the maintenance of facilities under our portfolio:


  1. We carry out routine facility maintenance /management execution of daily scheduled work by our facility management company
  2. We carry out emergency maintenance/management in order to prevent structural damage or to protect the health and safety of the building occupants.
  3. We also carefully ensure corrective maintenance work required to correct an occurred failure or one that is in the process of occurring are effected.
  4. Programme of preventive maintenance of scheduled works based on users manuals and our experience are initiated from time to time.
  5. Day to day cleaning of the building components common areas.
  6. Daily collection of trash cans from the common areas to the designated receptacles.
  7. Collection and the proper use of Service charge which additional payment made by occupiers of a property, particularly in multi-tenanted properties for the maintenance of common services. 
    This usually  cover the following maintenance  services:
    • Generator(s) maintenance
    • External Area Electrical services – lightings and fittings
    • Gardening/premises maintenance
    • Waste management
    • Janitorial/cleaning services
    • Air-conditioners
    • Borehole
    • Plumbing
Project Management

Liaising with project Architects and other consultants and coordinating the activities of the various contractors involved in the implementation of schemes, so as to ensure smooth and prompt actions for greater achievement of the client’s objectives and/or sponsors to the projects.

Others include:


Acquisition for mast erection
We also engage in site acquisition for mast erection for telecoms provider by acquiring bare land, with the help of coordinates or radius ranging between 0- 120m. Following which an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would be carried out to ascertain for the purpose of giving effective and enhancement of network providing services to the communities.


Building Contracts and Renovation